INTRODUCTION to the online platform: VIDEDRESSING


So today I want to talk about an online platform called "Videdressing", who are selling vintage clothes.
They contacted me for asking if I wanted to collaborate with them and after I took a look onto their page I was thrilled! The concept of videdressing is just genius, everyone can start their own shop and sell their clothes, instead of giving them away for free, although the pieces might be worth so much more.
So anyway, crashing this page for the first time, I was amazed and shocked at the same time, because many people sell designer pieces from Chanel to Givenchy...and of course these pieces are reduced because they're second hand, but nevertheless most of them were too expensive for me as a student, haha! But if you're thinking about getting an expensive timeless bag like the Chanel ones,
it's probably a good solution for you to take a look at their page because these bags will last forever although they are second hand. The best thing about videdressing is that they guarantee you that the designer pieces are actually real ones and no fake.
Many of the pieces are like new stuff anyway, because they were not worn many times.
Soooo, this sounds like a win-win situation.
I also started to make my own shop with my own clothes&shoes. So far it's not that much but I want to sell more the next days. If you're interested in what I'm selling go and check out my shop here :)

Oh and now to the pieces I adore on their page :

leather jacket GIVENCHY // leather bag JIL SANDER // blouson FENDI // pumps ALEXANDER WANG // collier SHOUROUK  // leather bag CHANEL

Now onto the piece I got myself on their page: This GORGEOUS Marc by Marc Jacobs watch!
I always wanted a Marc Jacobs watch, but so far I did not want to spend that much money and I wasn't really sure which one was my favourite.
And then I found this baby reduced to more than half price (75 Euro)

I love this watch so much, because it has this very clean design to it. Moreover it's black and I LOVE black. You can pair it with nearly everything :) And it's seriously like a new one! No scratches or anything! The shipping was very quick, it took just 3 days although the watch was coming from France.

 So, if you're interested in vintage fashion, seriously, you have to check it out!

I'm off to the gym now, its 12 o' clock already. woho!

Wish you a great one x


PAROV STELAR// ALL NIGHT (nico pusch edit)

dress: asos// jacket/hat: H&M// shoes and clutch: zara

heyyyyyyo! I'm off to my friends now but I wanted to share this look with you :)
hope you like it x



Hey beauties! Today it's time to tell you something about the Vox secret spa night I went to last week in Stuttgart!
So when I arrived I was welcomed by a great atmosphere, moreover the location was just dope!
About 12 bloggers where invited and we all came along with each other very well!
The dresscode was "all in white" and also the location was leant against this motto.
Moreover, the food was really great, although I did not have much time there to eat that much, because I was literally talking all the time, haha (in the end I did regret it).
Anyway, Liebeskind, Thomas Sabo, and MAC were there to present us the latest collection of their stuff, which I really liked! Kodak was also there taking pictures of us all and printing them directly out afterwards. The staff at this "Buddha Lounge" was just so sweet and gave us a good time. We even got our own bottle of champagne with our name on it!
After a time a presentation was held for us by RTL. They told us about a new project called "The Runway", hosted by RTL and VOX which will be released in not such a long time, AND I AM PART OF IT!
So far, I can not really tell you what is going to change here, but it's definitely going to be a great help for me to have such big companies standing behind your back, helping you with your layout etc.

Well, "The Runway" is not a TV show or anything like that, it's going to be a blogger portal on the internet where a few bloggers are selected to post their stuff:)

BUT the most important thing is that this is MY blog, also in the future, so I'm not gonna change anything for someone else just because they want to, but I'm thinking about doing more with videos, or trying a few other things, but anyway let's wait for it to happen!
I'm pretty excited about everything so far and I will tell you more about it when I do know more about the project!

Anyway, I'm heading to the gym now, afterwards going to uni again!
Enjoy the pictures below and see you soon ♥
lots of love x

Sonja from shoppisticated



I lolololove this song! Soooo layed-down :) It's the weekend!
And for this occasion I present you this outfit I really like for spring time.
What do you guys think of it?
I've had a tight schedule the whole week, and today we helped a friend of our's to move houses, now we're gonna go to the park and chill in the sun.
Have a great one x